Asset Management

When it comes to Asset Management, we keep our own broad perspective and definition. In short, for us, Asset Management is the discipline of taking care of our customers assets as if they were our own. We cover all aspects and phases during the assets’ technical lifetime.

We take care of Your Wind Farm or Solar Plant Project

We are an experienced, independent asset manager and market leading trusted advisor within solar- and wind energy projects in Europe. With Momentum as your trusted advisor, you get – one point of contact – to local market knowledge as well as to two decades of operational, technical, financial and legal experience. In other words, the renewable energy industry is our home court!

With dedicated and highly specialized teams situated in offices in Denmark, Germany, and Sweden, we manage wind turbine and photovoltaic/solar projects for both private and international, institutional investors.

Our Customers come First - Always!

As a professional Asset Manager, we represent the customer and only the customer. It is our sole responsibility to create value for our customers by managing their assets as if they were our own.

We do not mix our own interests with our clients’. We procure, advice, construct, manage and exit for and with our clients.

We are in the Business of Trust

We believe that trust is one of the most important characteristics of a good Asset Manager. Being an independent Asset Manager and trusted advisor means that you can trust Momentum to always be working in your best interest. We have no binding partnerships and are thus not bound to use certain service providers.

We simply always work on getting the best offer on the table, securing the highest quality and most favorable price for our customers. In this connection, independency is a key word to us.


Our Asset Management Services

In Momentum we cover the full value chain in a solar- or wind project’s lifetime. Spanning from the idea to build until the end of the assets’ technical and economic lifetime.
We create “momentum” in any phase of a solar plant or wind turbines lifetime, by improving the asset’s yield and by giving the project progress, force and direction in any positive meaning. We secure maximum attention on our Investors’ assets at any time during the investments lifetime.

Planning Phase

Are you looking to enter a new market or need a second opinion on the project risks and assumptions? Let us be your independent advisor to support you in the process of planning or purchasing of a new project.

Construction Phase

As an asset manager we get closer to the processes than anybody else. We provide you with insights regarding the specific markets, legislation, regulation, subsidy schemes, power sale, etc. The earlier we can be involved in a project, the more value we can create.

Operational Phase

Our core business is to manage solar plants and wind turbines during their entire technical lifetime. After the construction phase, we manage all processes when the assets come into operation.

Asset Life Extension

Asset life extension is getting increasingly relevant, as more assets approach 20 years or more in technical service. Different solutions can be considered in this case. We have the expertise to make all relevant analyzes and to help you get the best possible solution.


Repowering brings new life to technical outdated projects. We have solid experience in all phases of a successful repowering project – both within solar and wind. The advantages of repowering are numerous, but most likely the owners increase output and yield substantially, and at the same time prolong the Investment with many years.


When repowering or decommissioning wind turbines or solar panels, dismantling, reuse, or destruction of the assets is a complex and environmentally sensitive process. Momentum has hands on experience from both dismantling of wind turbines and solar panels.

Sale & Sourcing of Projects

An important part of our business foundation is identifying and delivering potential projects to our clients or helping them sell their own projects. We have an extensive, international, database of potential buyers or sellers and we can assist with transactions from minor shares in projects to large solar plants or wind farms.

Whether you are on the buying or selling side, we have many years of experience in carrying out transactions in “all” sizes.”

Asset Management

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