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Successful takeover of management of 88 wind turbines in 19 parks along the west coast of Denmark for two Danish pension funds (PBU and AP Pension) about management of their investment.

What is it?
88 wind turbines in 19 parks along the west coast of Denmark for two Danish pension funds
What did we do?
Performed the technical, commercial and operational management of the windfarm.
What was the outcome?

Substantial cost-cutting. Lean structure established on all processes.

Technical Asset Life Extension

Momentum took over a total of 88 turbines with an installed capacity of 60+ MW. At takeover of management in 2015, the average age of the wind turbines was close to 18 years, and all the turbines are still in operation.

The portfolio is very diverse consisting of various turbines and brands ranking from 250 kW to 1.5 MW installed capacity per turbine

All the wind turbines are out of subsidy regime, thus operated based on existing market conditions

The purpose of the investments is to run and optimise the wind turbines for their remaining technical lifetime and to investigate and exploit repowering possibilities.

Optimisation Through Proactive Management

Momentum perform the technical, commercial and operational management of the windfarm.

The financial reporting to the owners is according to standards decided by the owners. Collected all data and information about all the projects and organising it in an extranet.

Projects with repowering potential were identified, investigated and recommendation given to the owners, who executed repowering of 4 old Hanstholm wind turbines with 3 new Vestas V 126 in Hanstholm in the northern part of Jutland. See below.
Momentum is working as the owner’s technical advisor on all repairs and exchange of spare parts.”


Substantial Cost-cutting and Life Extension

Momentums management has created substantial cost-cutting for the owners and much better in-depth knowledge of each individual turbine

We have implemented lean structures in all processes.

We have assisted the owners’ with realisation of a repowering project in Hanstholm, exchanging four old turbines with three new Vestas V126 3.65 MW turbines, increasing the output by a factor of 10, turnover by a factor of 15, and at the same time extending the technical lifetime of the park by 25+ years.

All turbines in the portfolio are still running apart from the four repowered turbines exchanged with three new turbines.

Our Independent Approach and Experience Made the Difference

After a screening of the market of asset managers, Green Power partners chose Momentum as asset manager for the portfolio og wind turbines because of our independence and hands on experience, with operating wind turbines - also old turbines. We have proved that they made the right choice. We have created substantial value for the owners and in very close cooperation with their Investment managers, we are continuously investigating new possibilities to develop the portfolio further, extent the technical lifetime and increase investors yield."

Kim Madsen, CEO

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