Preparation and Sale of Windpark Egeln

Preparation and sale of a 25 MW wind park near Magdeburg in Germany on behalf of Finansiel Stabilitet A/S (a Danish state-owned bank) to a group of Danish investors.
What is it?
Assisting a state-owned Danish bank with preparing a sale of a 25 MW windpark in Germany.
What did we do?
We optimised the windpark, prepared all documentation for sale, arranged new finance and sold it.
What was the outcome?
The project was sold to a group of Danish investors, and the wind farm is being managed by Momentum.

Getting the Wind Park ready for sale

Windpark Egeln is situated in Germany, south of Magdeburg.It consists of 11 Vestas 2MW and 1 Vestas 3MW wind turbines totalling 25MW

The wind park was built in 2005/2006 for an estimated production of +30 million kWh/year

We assisted a state-owned Danish bank with preparing the asset for sale for them.

Among other things, we entered favourable agreements with regard to full service contracts, insurance, electricity sale, etc.

Arranged new finance

Momentum prepared a memorandum and presented the case for Danish and international investors.

We supported seller and buyer in the whole DD phase until signing.

The project was sold to a group of Danish investors in 2014, and a new finance was arranged through a Danish bank


Good yield with further potential

The wind park has yielded approximately 7% since November 2014

We are working on further optimisation of the production and costs, and are currently investigating repowering opportunities in the area.

A Valuable Approach

"Windpark Egeln is a successful story for Momentum. In the shadow of the financial crisis in the late 00's, many assets were stuck with the Danish banks. This also included wind parks owned by Danish investors, who ran into financial problems. With a mandate from the Danish state-owned bank, Finansiel Stabilitet A/S, Momentums role was to optimize the wind turbines and documentation and prepare the wind park for sale. After rearranging a new finance from a new bank, the wind park was successfully sold to a group of Danish investors."

Kim Madsen, CEO

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