Family Offices

Momentum has established a very experienced senior team to service Family Offices, because of their special and individual needs.

Personal Advise and Professional Solutions

Trust, discretion and transparency means everything, and with the team’s life long track records within management and consulting, we are capable of making tailor-made solutions for you at the highest standards.

We have top educated advisors in our organization and have deep insight into the generational change rules, and we advise Family Offices about investing funds in green assets such as solar plants and wind turbines.

We tailor together with the customer the optimal solution for them, and to the extent that the customer has not already invested, we help to put together and manage the optimal portfolio of assets, tailored to the desired risk and investment horizon.

How We Work

You will be serviced directly and personally by our Management Team.

At operational level you will have direct access to our Head of Operations and at least two key account managers from Operation and Finance, who takes care of the day to day business.

The Management Team

Together we form a group of experienced experts that can cover all aspects of a complete and efficient asset management for Family Offices and Institutional Clients.

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"We always have a direct and open dialogue. We are told what challenges we are facing and what options we have."

Our Experience

Our Management Team each have +20-35 years’ experience from key positions from law firms, State authorised Public Accountants, Tax Advisors, Manufacturers and O&M operators, working with Family offices and Institutional Clients.

We know the demand for individualised reporting and demand for 24/7/365 management and surveillance.

We have years of hands on experience with Family Offices and Institutional Clients with wind- and solar parks already under management with Momentum.

We recognise the individual and special needs from these investors, and we have over the years focused on servicing this group by attracting and hiring experienced management and staff with the right skills to live up to this demand.

Momentums team are fully covered within Risk & Compliance, Finance, Accounting, Tax, O&M and Sales & Sourcing.


Knowing that a Family Office’ investment very often is part of a larger picture in which our data is being integrated, we report in exactly the format and language you want.

We can deliver monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually financial- or technical reports or on demand.
It is really up to you to help us make the most efficient setup for you.

Inheritage rules

For Danish Family Offices, the Danish legislation with regard to considerations about handing over ownership of assets from one generation to the next is very important.

Because of the relative stabile financial predictability, many families use solar – or wind projects as operating assets as part of the solution to make tax succession for the new owners.

The legislation is very complex and changing rapidly, so it is very important, that you have experienced advisors around you.

Together with your legal- and tax advisor, Momentum can enter a dialogue how to create solutions that fits to your needs.


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