Momentum is increasingly investing in projects with continued operation, lifetime extension or repowering potential.

In a “hot” and fast-growing green energy market, Momentum has over the years developed a unique expertise in identifying and acquiring attractive assets for clients or for our own portfolio. With a thorough approach, we have invested in aged wind turbines with the purpose of generating as many kWh as possible while investigating eventual repowering- og technical life-time extension possibilities.

We invest alone as well as with our partners and our strategy is clear: We acquire assets to operate, develop and sell. This creates a solid pipeline of refurbished or new assets for our customers who are in the market to “buy and hold”.

Momentum is currently owning and operating more than 130 wind turbines in Denmark and Sweden, and we expect the portfolio to grow substantially the coming years. We have created a scalable platform on which we can harvest the benefits from “economics of scale” when operating numerous identical assets across the country, in a structured and efficient manner.

We also identify and acquire newer assets with the purpose of preparing them for sale to our customers, creating a constant and dynamic environment of M&A activities in the company.

Momentum has its own development department enabling us to secure land and develop green field projects within both solar and wind projects.

By the use of in-house resources, we can efficiently work with all aspects of a green field project, from securing land, energy simulation, park layout, environmental studies as well as project management from A to Z.

A key focus of our business is to invest in aged wind turbines where we have extensive expertise in operating the turbines as long as technically possible. With our own technical specialists, we monitor and evaluate each turbine carefully, and analyze the most optimal solution in each case, if we have a damage.

We have a target of 40-50 years technical lifetime for a wind turbine, and to obtain this, we prepared a strong knowledge platform and a clear strategy on how to maximize the profit during the asset’s entire lifetime.


We invest in, and bring new life to, wind-turbines, when repowering is not possible. If you want to get more our of your aged turbines, technical lifetime extension can be the solution. By upgrading the nacelle, rotor and software, but keeping the tower, foundation and grid connection, it is possible to increase the wind turbines output substantially, and extent the technical lifetime for decades.

Momentum is among the pioneers within technical lifetime extension, and performed the first of its kind offshore in Gotland in November 2018.

Repowering of aged turbines can create a substantial upside to an investment. It can be a long-lasting process, like a green field project, but if a building permit can be obtained, the value creation is substantial.

We invest in potential repowering projects alone or with co-investors in the countries we operate in, mainly in Denmark, Sweden and Germany, where we have our own developer teams.


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