Large and Institutional Investors

Interest in investing in alternative assets such as solar plants and wind turbines has experienced increased focus in recent years. The assets’ uncorrelated relationships with more traditional investments in equities, bonds and properties, along with its relatively stable cash flows from the assets, make this asset class interesting, for many pension funds, funds and other institutional investors.


An Interesting Asset Class

Momentum serves top 5 stock listed German Investment companies, Danish pension funds and recognised investment funds.

Our engineers are certified to some of the largest and most modern wind turbines and modern solar parks, and we look after the customers’ assets, as they were our own.

We have a 100% focus on asset management and on developing customer assets in order to achieve the highest possible return at the lowest possible risk.

24/7/365 Surveillance & Monitoring

Via Scada systems, Momentum can offer 24/7/365 Class A monitoring of wind- and solar assets from an around the clock manned monitoring center.

All errors are carefully noted and reported to our technicians and we react immediately and in accordance with the agreed terms and needs, towards the Service Company or manufacturer. We provide detailed reporting and analyzing of all data.


We tailor the entire reporting to each customer.
From our online monitoring system, we analyse data and prepare detailed reports covering production, error log, and availability.

From our financial system, we can prepare internal and external reports according to IFRS, US GAAP or other accounting regulations.

We can analyse cash flow, make cash flow projects and simulations.

We are one of the Very few Independent, International Asset Managers

Many Large and Institutional Investors acquires assets directly from the developer. However, the developer is not necessarily the best partner for you to manage the assets afterwards, as he is not independent. If you are looking for an independent Asset Manager momentum is one of the only on the market.

We do not need to separate things and if a conflict of interest ever arises, we are transparent about it and handle it. We only work for you, and we work for you to maximize your profit by evolving all possible and potential upsides in the project.
If we monitor an opportunity in your project – you will be the first to know, and then we explore it together.

Therefore, if you are looking for an independent, experienced Asset Manager, who are taking care of your assets as if they were our own Momentum is the right partner for you.

The Management Team

Together we form a group of experienced experts that can cover all aspects of a complete and efficient asset management for Family Offices and Institutional Clients.

Explore the management team’s competences →

Apart from the management team, you will get direct contact to a group of legal-, technical-and financial experts allocated to the projects.


"You feel that you are on the same team - especially regarding the technical department. Those people were born with oil on their fingers - they are exceptional!"

Momentum Provides Full Scope Asset Management

Apart from taking care of the full management of all processes related to the ownership and operation of the assets, Momentum also, provide company services of the local company that own the assets, in each country.

We can offer company address, directorship, secretarial services, bookkeeping, accounting, filing of yearly financial accounts, payments of dividends, tax and VAT payments, reporting to parent company, dialogue with auditors and local authorities, registration of change in ownership, updating and filing changes in Articles of Association, compliance with local legislation etc.

Momentum is your “one point of contact”.

Due Diligence & Consulting

Momentum can be in charge of a complete Due Diligence of a solar – or wind park, or give a second opinion on an existing Due Diligence. As we are not lawyers or tax advisors, these will always be performed by 3rd part specialists.

Our expertise is that we have been involved in many transactions before and we have a long experience for what issues in the reports means in real life.

The earlier in the process we as Asset Managers can influence the client’s decisions, the better chance we have for assisting in making a more profitable, long-term investment.

Sales & sourcing

From our large international network, we are able to source projects to Large and Institutional clients.

We also have access to potential buyers in case the client wants to exit the investment.

We have access to green field, in process of getting a building permit, ready to build, turnkey or projects already in operation.


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