Legal Management

Momentum has in-house legal expertise to handle legal issues connected to all relevant contracts, agreements and disputes. We can provide a preliminary due diligence or a second opinion to any legal matter related to operations of a solar- or wind project.



Our legal management can assist with control of compliance in accordance with local regulations and authorities.

Due Diligence

Momentum can provide a preliminary due diligence or perform a critical view on a due diligence performed by a second part.

Transaction Services

We are very experienced in transactions and we can provide purchase agreemets or sharepurchase agreements as part of our services.

Negotiations With Banks, Creditors, etc

In connection with operation of stressed assets, Momentum is an experienced negotiator with banks, creditors and owners, to provide a sustainable solution for all parties.

Assistance in Law Suits, Company Formation, Financing, Registration

Momentum can assist with day to day legal issues as company formations, registration of owners, sale of shares, preparation of claims, loan documents etc.

Claims Management

Our legal department manages claims towards 3rd. Party untill payment has taken place or the case settled.

Legal Registration Issues

Momentum takes care of all registration issues with the local authorities, termination or release of easements, preparation of notary documents, etc.

Company Services

Momentum provides traditional company services as company management, director, company hosting, general assemblies, registration of change in ownership, pledge, etc.


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