14 years of Clean Energy Solutions

Our CEO, Kim got surprised when he began to receive a lot of congratulations on LinkedIn. It turned out that it was his 14 year’s anniversary at Momentum. This spawned some reflections on how Momentum and the industry has developed.


Dear All,

Thank you for the many congratulations I received on LinkedIn for my anniversary. In fact, I didn’t know I had an anniversary and not at all for what, and it gave me the courage to just reflect a little.

Turns out I started Momentum on 1/8 2005 – 14 years ago. That’s why this date popped up with all of you, and you were so nice to congratulate me. Again, thank you very much for that.

Since I started Momentum 14 years ago, a lot has happened. From sitting alone in the office waiting aggressively for the phone to ring, until today where we are 25 employees with staff in Roskilde, Aarhus, Gothenburg, Flensburg and in Gotland.

Back then, I managed a dozen Danish and German wind turbines from 600 kW up to 1.5 MW.

We have survived the financial crisis in 2008 and the following years with frozen financial markets and we have adapted and developed in a dramatic phase of separation in a young industry characterised by mergers, constant technological development and stricter environmental requirements in all countries.

But we are still here because we think it is exciting and because we want to be among the companies that place the highest demands on asset management of green energy.

Today, we manage over 450 wind turbines and solar systems valuing almost DKK 5 billion DKK in 6 different countries (Denmark, Sweden, Germany, UK, Italy and France).
Our clients include private investors, wind turbines, Family Offices, pension funds and large international listed capital.

We are constantly evolving and looking forward to next anniversary.

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