A Talk about Processes, Work Environment and Safety

A large part of our operational activities is focused on safety, quality, and efficient work processes. To continuously improve, we conduct regular safety and work process dialogues with our colleagues.
Momentum-A Talk about Processes, Work Environment and Safety


Last week the dialogues were conducted in the field with our highly competent field technicians.

As Asset Managers within the renewable energy sector, we cover both photovoltaic parks and wind farms in Denmark and our specialized team ensures high quality and high safety standards in all related work processes.

Last week’s trip to Jutland included discussions with field technicians from our Technical Management Team who are specialized in PV/solar plants and wind turbines, respectively.

These dialogues are a great tool and framework for discussing both work-life-balance, specific safety measures and possible new processes and tools.

Among the topics that we discussed on this particular day were PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and registration and documentation of findings from technical inspections.

We also talked about collaboration with our external partners, how to improve knowledge sharing – and summed upon ideas for the next company-internal social events.

Last but not least, it is always a great pleasure to meet our colleagues face to face. Especially after the long Covid related lock down periods, physical meetings are much appreciated.

Momentum-A Talk about Processes-and-safety

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