Business as unusual

– but Momentum is stronger than ever!

Rijad Avdagic, Christian Liebel, Michael Lange and Hendrik Hatger on the way to a meeting in Germany


Summer is soon coming to an end and everybody is returning from well-deserved holidays to get “back to business”.

But we are not coming back to business as we were used to just months ago.

Things have changed due to the Covid-19 crisis, many are affected personally, and we have all had to adapt to this new situation. 

The challenges we have met have also influenced Momentum. But by continuously analyzing and evaluating the situation during the last 5 months of lock down of the societies around us, we have changed our ways of working and thinking and as a company it has mostly ended up affecting us in positive ways. Creating more flexibility and new ways of working together.

As many other companies around the world, we have experienced the benefit of digitized processes and virtual meetings. We have speeded up the digital transformation during the crisis, so that we are now not only better prepared for any new lock down of the societies again. We have also implemented ways of working much more efficiently to the benefit of our customers, employees and for Momentum as an employer.

Many companies were, for very good reasons, in doubt about what to do during the crisis.

A lot of companies either stopped further investments, recruitments, or expansion plans, or they simply dismissed employees or closed down activities.

At Momentum we saw the situation differently, inspired by Rahm Israel Emanuel, former Mayor of Chicago from 2011 – 2019 and The White House Chief of Staff under Barack Obama, who said:

”Never let a good crisis go to waste”

In other words, we used the vacuum in the market to fuel our strategy.

A few examples:

  • We acquired OX2’s activities in Germany in April giving us access to a new pipeline of wind projects under development
  • We have formed Momentum Energy Projects, a new independent business unit in the Momentum Energy Group. This makes us capable of conducting in-house developing, repowering and lifetime extension of wind and solar- projects in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany
  • We have increased our technical staff in Germany, Denmark and Sweden, so that we are now not only prepared for further growth, we have also managed to attract highly qualified colleagues, making it possible for us to perform 24/7 monitoring and inspections of the most modern wind turbines and PV plants in the market
  • We will soon announce a, for Momentum, game changing new platform, where we position ourselves as a market leading company within continued operation, life-time extension and repowering of older wind turbines. To begin with, in Denmark – later, abroad.

When looking back on the last 4-5 months, our “lessons learned” from the crisis are:

  • Home offices are here to stay and is an important, positive, game changer for most people
  • Virtual meetings have proven their worth, but cannot replace the value of personal meetings and relations
  • Less travelling is necessary in the future due to more efficient ways of communicating and well-functioning virtual meetings
  • The crisis has increased the speed of our digitalization on all processes, both at the office and in the field
  • Virtual education via Teams will be an essential part of our internal education program in the future
  • IT & Cloud computing is key for an efficient setup but also to be prepared for similar situations in the future
  • Strong Customer relationships and an efficient communication platform is essential, when we guide our Customers, whose assets we have under management, safely through a crisis like this.

Because of the above, we have changed our ways of working – not only momentarily but on a more permanent basis.

This means that: 

  • All employees are equipped with two complete workstations – one at home and one in the office.
  • All data and main business systems are cloud based with secure access from “anywhere” enabling us to work and support our customers at any time.
  • Employees at the headquarters are working 2 days from home and 3 days at the office during a normal work week. Potentially, this scheme will become permanent as we are experiencing greater efficiency and increased job satisfaction.
  • Implementation of new digital solutions in the field enabling us to provide remote support at site inspections even if the borders are closed or transportation is difficult.

Kim Madsen, CEO

The total impact of the above is yet to be seen, but we have managed to expand our business and get new highly qualified colleagues on board bringing us from 25 employees at year start to more than 45 from 1 September 2020.

There will be more new “lessons to learn” and unusual business will be become usual over time, while we try to deal with this crisis.

We are prepared for both the opportunities and the challenges that will come.


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