Happy New Year 2020

The year 2020 is coming to an end, and what a hectic and unusual year it has been!


The all-encompassing event, COVID-19, has affected people across the entire globe. Families, businesses, and entire industries have been hit hard by the pandemic.

But the crisis has also accelerated the solving of many global challenges. In particular, the desire for creating a greener and more sustainable future has been established as one of the most important points on the international political agenda.

While taking care of each other and our surroundings, at Momentum we have spent the year following this development closely and as a result, we have expanded our business in several areas to adapt to the market.

Customers will find, that going forward we are offering an expanded range of services:

  • In addition to traditional asset management of solar and wind turbine projects, we now also offer statutory inspections regarding system safety on for instance fire equipment, ladders, cranes, electricity, flight lights, etc.
  • We provide advisory services and management of turbine electricity sales in the spot markets in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.
  • Development of and investments in solar and wind turbine projects.

As a customer, it is now possible to use us as a highly skilled business partner in all phases of a project’s lifetime.

Going into 2021 we are working hard to be able to announce:

  • That we have received our first building permits for wind turbine projects in Germany.
  • That we have begun the development of a planned solar plant in Sweden.
  • That our pipeline of development projects in Denmark, Sweden and Germany has been significantly expanded.
  • And last but not least:
  • That the growth of new colleagues will continue and bring even more competencies into play for customers to benefit from.

The expectations for 2021 are high and we will do our best to make customers and business partners happy.

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with the hope that 2021 will bring optimism and joy.

Your Momentum Team


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