Impressions from Husum Wind 2019

Once again, Momentum participated on the annual Husum Wind fair in Northern Germany. Once again the fair gave us a lot of good meetings and input about the development in the industry.


In addition to cementing and expanding Momentum’s presence in the German wind industry and participating in various professional lectures to gain new knowledge, the participation is primarily about managing our clients’ assets.

At the fair, we manage a large number of meetings with various of our customers’ contracting parties: service companies; operators, insurance companies, handlers of direct sales of electricity etc.
In addition, we establish contact to new potential partners that can provide our customers with more opportunities and better solutions – and ultimately a higher return on their investment.
For example, a cooperation was established regarding service and repair for Enercon turbines as a competitive alternative to the manufacturer itself.

Another theme is the operation of turbines after 20 years and without subsidies. Many new ideas and concepts are on the way here, but we also noticed a great deal of responsiveness to our thoughts in relation to flexible models for eg. service, power sales and monitoring.

Husum Wind Delivered Again

Expectations for this year’s fair were not as high as before, as many companies prioritize the fair in Hamburg next year, but nonetheless there was lively activity in general and at the booth all week.

The conclusion on our part is that the fair continues to be justified by a wide variety of participating companies and not least their decision makers.

Momentum participated with over 10 employees during the week.


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