Technical Inspection of Offshore Wind Farm Bockstigen

On the 2nd and 3rd of June our technician, Björn Johansson from Momentum Sweden AB, visited Offshore Wind Farm Bockstigen. The wind farm is situated 5 kilometers from the coastline of the beautiful Swedish island, Gotland.
nspection of Offshore Windfarm Bockstigen-min


Wind farm Bockstigen consists of 5 refurbished Vestas V47 turbines that were put into operation in 2018 after a total repowering of the wind farm. All phases of the project were performed by Momentum.

The site inspection made by our Swedish technician was part of the scheduled 6 months service and the purpose was to monitor the current turbine condition and to meet the people who work at the site. Also, we wanted to get a closer look at the performance of the service provider, the service boat equipment etc.

What was the result?

The inspection concluded that the turbines are in good condition. If we find issues during an inspection, the customer receives a deviation report together with suggestions for improvements and further actions. As technical asset managers we always use our in-depth knowledge to make sure that our customers’ assets are operated as optimally as possible to retain long-term value.
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