Momentum Builds its First Solar PV Project in DK

During August 2022, Momentum began the construction of an 11 MWp PV solar park east of Skjern in Ringkjøbing-Skjern Municipality. The plant will be the first Danish solar plant with Momentum as the developer.
Momentum Builds the First Solar PV Project in DK


The project is based on a collaboration with the landowner and a local player who has been responsible for the local plan that makes the plant possible. Momentum has been responsible for the building permit, grid connection and construction.

The PV Solar plant is expected to be commissioned during November and will deliver power equivalent to approx. annual electricity consumption of 2,400 households.

The solar plant in numbers:

  • 21.000 PV-modules
  • 40 inverters
  • 2 transformers
  • 305 tons of steel
  • 38 km DC-cabel
  • 4 km AC-cabel
  • 5 km cable route from the solar park towards the grid connection at Skjern
The construction of this solar plant is a big step for Momentum, as it marks Momentum’s entry into the Danish market for development, construction, and ownership of solar plants. Thus, the 11 MWp is the start of the implementation of the current pipeline of over 1 GW solar projects – a pipeline that is continuously getting bigger and bigger.
Momentum - Northern transformer_3-min

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