Momentum Energy Group Excels in ESG Debut!

In our first year with GRESB, we scored an impressive 95/100, securing top rankings


”We are extremely proud of achieving first place in the GRESB ESG rating within the category of ’Northern Europe On-Shore Wind Power Generation’. It is an effort that has required months of data collection, and that has involved employees across the organization”

Kim Madsen, CEO
This high GRESB score is a recognition of our large commitment in sustainability and ESG and confirms that we are very serious about our responsibilities when it comes to contributing to a more sustainable future.
This is more than just a score to us. It gives us a valuable insight into our most important ESG data and sustainability efforts and will continue to inspire us to increase our focus areas and initiatives. It is our ambition to continue the journey and to aim even higher to be a the forefront of sustainability within our industry.

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