Momentum Energy Group is new sponsor for CWIN in Nepal

Momentum has entered into a two-year agreement to support the Danish friendship association Friends of CWIN. The friendship association supports the Nepalese children’s rights organization Child Workers In Nepal (CWIN)



Specifically, we provide a helping hand in the form of funds for the establishment and operation of a transit home in Kathmandu for boys under the age of 18 – boys who, for many reasons, have lost contact to their families. The purpose of the transit home is to sort out the boys’ situation so that they can be reintegrated with their families. Support is also provided for the purchase of shoes, books, writing instruments and for school fees.


Our director, Kim Madsen, is active in mountain climbing and has, among other things, climbed Aconcagua in Argentina

"On my way to the summit of Aconcagua (6.962 meters above sea level) in Argentina, I met Line Antoft. Line was our guide on the trip and is deeply involved in helping children in Nepal. Line is treasurer of the association and one of its founders. She inspired me to take a closer look at the organization and its purpose.

We cannot support everywhere, but we always try to support where we can, where it makes sense and where we may also have a connection or personal experiences as a background.

The support for Friends of CWIN in particular stems from my love of walking in the great mountains as well as from my countless travels around the world, where I have seen unimaginable poverty. On the long hikes in some of the world's highest, most beautiful and at the same time most desolate areas, you fortunately meet many passionate people who are trying to make a difference in a world where most do not have the same resources as we have in e.g. Denmark.”

Kim Madsen, CEO

Nepal is at the same time one of the world’s most beautiful and poorest places. The country is also characterized by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and avalanches. And unfortunately also by factors such as corruption, a poor education and health system and a pronounced degree of child labour.

This is precisely where we can make a difference. This is our small thank you to the Nepalese for making their country available to adventure-hungry foreigners trying to reach the top of some of the world’s highest mountains. These are the most spectacular nature experiences you can imagine.

On behalf of Momentum Energy Group A/S, we have therefore donated DKK 80,000 per year over the next 2 years. This corresponds to 2 years of operation of the boys’ home in Kathmandu. Thank you all for making this possible.

Laptops for the School

In addition to cash support for running the transit home, Momentum has donated a number of used laptops for the children’s schooling. The PCs are less than 3 years old, but are here characterized as “old” due to speed or other reasons. By Nepali standards they are more of a revolution because they will rarely be able to afford to invest in such gear. Donations like this are one of the ways we can give a small push in the right direction.


Do you want to help?

Should you feel like making a small contribution yourself, click here. A membership costs DKK 150 per year and for students the amount is DKK 100 (which app. corresponds to a Gin & Tonic when going out).

It doesn’t take much more to make a difference and that in itself, is worth thinking about.
It is of course completely voluntary, but the association lacks funds, so all support is welcome and contributes in a positive direction. There are absolutely no obligations associated with a membership.

For the record, it must be mentioned that I do not hold any board position in the association or get anything personally out of this other than the joy of helping other people.

For further information, contact CEO Kim Madsen at or by phone +45 51 31 64 20.

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