Momentum Energy Group leads Commission of 5 new Vestas Turbines in Sdr. Bork

On January 13 this year, the improved Sdr. Bork wind park in Jutland, Denmark, was officially opened and the commission of five new Vestas V162-6.2 MW wind turbines was celebrated.
Sdr Bork


The five wind turbines replaced 19 older turbines that had been producing electricity near Sdr. Bork in the past 25 years. The overall capacity has increased from 11.4 MW to 31 MW, and it is expected that in a typical wind year, power production will increase from 22,000,000 kWh to 120,000,000 kWh.

Since 2013, Sdr. Bork Vind K/S has been working on upgrading the old wind turbines. In February 2022, the municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern approved the final project plan, which enabled the realisation of the project.
The repowering project was undertaken in cooperation with Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality, Vestas, Energrid, the local community, and last but not least the involved land- and turbine owners.

As project manager Momentum has been responsible for planning and executing the project. This has been done in collaboration with the Board of Sdr. Bork Vind K/S. The work has included the detailed VVM analysis, municipal applications, and the handling of public consultation responses. Momentum has also supported Sdr. Bork Vind K/S in establishing a foundation for capital raising and helped modify the company ownership structure. Furthermore, Momentum has managed the conclusion of the main contract with Vestas.

"During the project design, we have worked with the location of the turbines. After all, there are several things that must come together when planning a project like this. Firstly, the turbines must cause as little as possible disruption to the surroundings. They must be placed visually harmonious, and at the same time it is important that they can be easily maintained during their many years of operation – this with the least possible road construction.".

Michael Shalmi, Chairman of Momentum Energy Group
Michael continues:

"In projects like this, it is important to us that the nearest neighbors and citizens are both heard and have a financial share in the wind adventure. Our project model is flexible and can, among other things, be adapted to include co-development paradigms. Practically speaking this means, that, in the repowering project in Sdr. Bork, people who live close to the wind turbines have been offered to buy shares in the project corresponding to 10 percent of the total ownership".

Michael Shalmi, Chairman of Momentum Energy Group
The Vestas V162-6.2 MW consists of well-known technology, which ensures easy access to spare parts. Each turbine is covered by a 25-year service agreement with Vestas. In relation to the analyzed wind conditions, an efficient and stable operation is expected.
From the start of the project’s execution phase to the final commissioning of the turbines, less than a year has passed. Due to the great cooperation between all involved parties, the effective project management provided by Momentum, an engaged board and owners who were willing to take a risk, the project was completed quickly. We are incredibly proud of that, and we look forward to continuing the good work. Over 20 wind and solar projects in Denmark are now in the process of development by Momentum’s team in Denmark.

Photo credit to photographer @Tony Brøchner,

Sdr Bork undervejs
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