Momentum Energy Services GmbH in Bremen got what it takes

In our workshop in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, north of Bremen, our top professional team of service technicians got what it takes to keep our customers’ equipment up to date, calibrated and validated according to all applicable requirements.
Momentum Energy Services GmbH in Bremen got what it takes


Whether it is technical or safety related equipment, we have your back!

We offer expert tests (especially the statutory ones) as well as maintenance, repair, and inspection work on all kinds of torque wrenches, winches, hoists and lifting gear. In particular, winches for lift systems of all manufacturers, e.g., Tractel TIRAK winches and Blocstop BSO safety gear.

Be it operated manually, electrically, or hydraulically internal cranes, chain hoists and wire rope hoists of all types, e.g., Hoffmann Fördertechnik – Liftket, ABB, DEMAG, Kito, Yale, Carl Stahl, Planeta, HMF and others. We cover them all.

“As a matter of mandatory principle, all equipment is subjected to proper incoming inspection and only leaves our workshop after it has been controlled and approved on our own test stand. This is a crucial part of our job and ensures our customers’ safe handling of equipment at all times”.

Daniel Nowak, Technical Operations Manager at Momentum Energy Services

When it comes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we perform all necessary tests to ensure that our customers’ safety equipment is always safe to use. We are also happy to consult around and put together individual protective equipment tailored to your specific needs. Be it height rescue, shaft rescue, fall protection or other protective measures.

For further information about our office in Osterholz-Scharmbeck near Bremen and our broad range of qualified services, please contact Senior Sales Manager, Marco Müller: / +49 4795 957 1052 or +49 151 65 21 57 75.

Momentum Energy Services GmbH in Bremen

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