Momentum Energy Wind Services monitors Wind Turbines 24-7-365

Since December last year, our skilled wind turbine technicians in Danish Momentum Energy Wind Services have provided 24/7 online turbine surveillance. More than 500 onshore wind turbines in Denmark and 5 offshore wind turbines in Sweden are now being monitored. Customers and employees can follow the status of the turbines online in real-time.


The surveillance team, which currently consists of 5 employees, offers technical monitoring of a wide range of turbine types, including Micon, NEG Micon, Vestas, Bonus, Siemens, Nordtank, Nordex, Wind World, Spica and Deif. As our niche in the market is to operate, service and extend the lifetime of older wind turbines running on old technology, it requires deep technical know-how and long practical experience from working in the turbines to be able to remotely monitor them via online software.

"We have put together a fantastic team of surveillance technicians and we work in shifts around the clock to ensure that our and our customers' turbines are in good health. Using advanced monitoring software, we can stop and restart turbines. We can also run online troubleshooting, perform fault resets and much more. All this helps to ensure that the uptime and overall operation of the turbines is as good, stable, and high as possible".

Frans Alexandersen, Technical Surveillance Manager
Frans continues:

“Our people are highly specialised and know the many types of turbines like the back of their hand. To be able to carry out monitoring in a safe and efficient way, you basically need to have a deep knowledge of the older turbines and, not least, how and with what technology they have been rebuilt over time. Therefore, less experienced colleagues are always backed up by our most experienced technicians. A good example is the snowstorm that hit Denmark earlier this month. We could see from the surveillance data that there were very strong gusts of wind and heavy turbulence in Southern Jutland. All wind turbines have a built-in auto-stop when the wind hits 25 metres per second, and this happened in several places in Southern Jutland. It really requires a lot of practical experience from the field to be able to steer the turbines well through such a storm and know when it is safe and risk-free to restart each turbine”

Frans Alexandersen, Technical Surveillance Manager

Since Momentum’s acquisition of Windturbs ApS, the monitoring portfolio has grown to include more than 500 wind turbines under surveillance. We expect this growth to continue and look forward to providing round-the-clock care to even more turbines in the future.

Momentum’s Technical Surveillance Centre in Denmark can be contacted around the clock at:

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