Momentum Energy Wind Services wins prestigious Prize, Børsen Gazelle 2022

Today we proudly share the good news that our subsidiary, Momentum Energy Wind Services ApS, has been awarded the prize, “Børsen Gazelle 2022”.


Although everyone in Momentum Energy Group works hard every day to ensure our growth and to make a positive contribution to the green transition, we are today very proud of our technical team in Denmark. The team started from scratch with only a few employees not many years ago. With this award, Momentum Energy Wind Services has confirmed its position solidly in the market and is now one of the leading specialists within technical wind turbine management.

With more than 20 highly experienced and competent technicians, we keep several hundred wind turbines on their wings every day, all year round, everywhere in Denmark. This is one of our many contributions to the sustainable agenda and in a time of global energy crisis our work supports the lowering of electricity bills.

The Momentum Group has grown strongly in recent years, and we will soon pass 100 employed technicians, engineers, economists, accountants, and students. This must be seen in relation to the fact that we counted 23 employees in total when our Prime Minister shut down the country due to Corona in March 2020.

Together, we intend to continue the creation of healthy growth for our company and to make a positive difference in the society we live in.

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