Momentum Performs Drone Inspections

Did you know that Momentum is conducting Drone Inspections? Momentum often performs drone inspections in connection with turbine controls, where we review the current state of a turbine.


Drone inspections are carried out to ensure continuous control of the condition of the blades. Drone inspections can be carried out regardless of the given turbines’ service contract.

Benefits for You as a Turbine Owner

The number one advantage of conducting blade inspection from a drone is that it is less expensive and far less resource intensive than traditional inspection methods. An overview of the overall condition of the blades can be formed quickly. If we find problems that need further investigation, a rope access inspection is of course necessary.

Rope access inspection of turbine blades is performed by specially trained blade specialists who descend the blades using ropes and other equipment. 

Rope access inspection provides in-depth assessment of the extent of blade damage. In these cases, we collaborate with several players in the market who have extensive expertise in this area.

A drone inspection is carried out by an experienced technician. During the inspection, several recordings are made covering all three blades. An overflight of the entire turbine is also made to detect possible damages to e.g. tower or nacelle cover. The footage is meticulously reviewed after the inspection.

All inspections are finished off with a series of photos and comments in a report that is subsequently provided to the customer by Momentum. The report contains all observations that are important for future operation of the turbine.


Protect Your Investment

As a customer, you get full value for a modest amount of money. If the turbine is under full-service agreement, using a drone inspection option provides possibility to point out deficiencies towards the service provider on basis of the documentation made by Momentum.

On the other hand, if the turbine is under basic service agreement, it will give an overview of the current condition of the blades as well as uncover the need for future repairs.

If the customer requires, we can subsequently assist with suggestions for repair solutions, create estimates and obtain and evaluate offers on possible repair tasks. Of course, we also offer to engage in dialogue directly with the service provider and follow up on the improvement.

A drone option made in connection with a pre-planned inspection costs around 450 Euro depending on the type of turbine. Do not hesitate to call us to get clear on what we offer within various technical solutions.

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