Momentum's Offshore Wind Farm "Bockstigen" at Gotland sets Revenue Record in September 2022

This summer, minor renovation was done on the five wind turbines in “Vindpark Bockstigen”, Gotland, Sweden. After renovation of the offshore cables, the turbines are now operating at full capacity.
Nyhed Bockstigen omsætningsrekord sept 2022


In September, supported by high power prices and strong production, the wind farm achieved a monthly revenue off over 1 million SEK.

Winter often comes with a lot of wind in the Baltic Sea. It is therefore expected that the record will be challenged in the coming months.

This positive result supports the value of continuing to operate older wind turbines for as long as possible.
Wind Farm Bockstigen was completely renovated in 2018.

Momentum became the first company in the world to replace older and technically outdated nacelles and rotors on offshore wind turbines. The old parts were replaced with newly renovated, larger, and more efficient nacelles and rotors. 

The project’s capacity and lifespan have more than doubled after the complete repowering. It is a success that has changed Momentum’s entire way of including older wind turbines as an important and active part in the green transition. You can read more about the repowering project here.

Momentum is today among the absolute largest owners of onshore wind turbines in Denmark. Our portfolio now exceeds 300 turbines, and they are located throughout the country. Several of these are more than 20 years old. Furthermore, we own more than 30 turbines in Germany and are expanding our portfolio as we speak. With this setup we strive to continue operation for many years to come.

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