Navigate your Turbines into a bright Future

If you are a Wind Turbine owner in Germany, it is time to turn on your lights.
Navigate your Turbines into a bright Future


The use of need-based night identification of aviation obstacles (Bedarfsgesteuerte Nachtkennzeichnung also called BNK in German) will soon be mandatory in Germany on all wind turbines higher than 100 meters.

The deadline end 2023 is getting nearer by the minute and the number of turbines currently not complying to the applicable regulation is still extremely high.

In Momentum Energy Services GmbH we offer installation works related to all aspects of BNK.

As an owner you may not only enjoy the result of our work, but the breathtaking view as well!

For further information or questions do not hesitate to contact Momentum Energy Services GmbH Senior Sales Manager, Marco Müller,


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