OX2 and Momentum Cooperates on Repowering Projects in Germany

The German/Danish asset management company Momentum Gruppen A/S and OX2 Wind GmbH have started a cooperation for the repowering of older wind turbines in Germany.



Image courtesy of OX2. 

Many years of experience in various sectors of wind energy have encouraged the two companies to create valuable synergies in order to ensure a smooth repowering process. The cooperation began at the end of 2018 with an initial project and it now comprises three wind farms in the German states of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and Lower Saxony.

“We are delighted about the productive collaboration with Momentum Gruppen and recognise the great potential offered by the projects. By repowering existing wind farms, electricity production can be multiplied significantly while simultaneously reducing the number of turbines. This is both a promising development from the point of view of the energy industry and a valuable contribution to a sustainable and independent power supply in the regions,”

Jonas Klatt, Country Manager Germany at OX2 Wind GmbH

“For Momentum, it is crucial that we enter into strategic alliances which are ultimately for the benefit of our customers. For us, the primary objective is to find attractive solutions from which our customers can profit in the long term. As a strong partner in the field of repowering, OX2 has proven that it meets our demands for transparent, focused and effective cooperation. Working with OX2, it has been possible to further advance selected repowering projects, enabling us to look forward to the next milestones with great optimism,”

Kristian Månsson, Director for Asset Management Wind and Solar
About OX2
OX2 develops, builds and manages renewable power generation. OX2 has taken a leading position in large-scale onshore wind power over the past 15 years, having generated more than 2 GW of wind power in the Nordic region. By constantly increasing access to renewable energy, OX2 is promoting the transition towards a more sustainable future. OX2 has operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, France and Germany. Its head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Sales revenue in 2018 amounted to EUR 403 million. For more information, please visit: www.ox2.com

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