Potential for installation of 250 MW wind and solar

Momentum’s project development department has submitted proposals for two projects in Herning Municipality’s application round for renewable energy projects, which ran from 6 January – 3 March 2022.
Herning Municipality


One project includes the installation of 9 larger wind turbines combined with a smaller solar PV plant. The second project plans to set up solar PV on an area of up to 200 hectares.

“We are excited about how the municipality and the City Council assess our projects. However, we are confident, as thanks to long preparation and creative approach we have been able to design our projects with a focus on nature concern, local value creation and a strong local community support "

Kristian Månsson, Head of Development at Momentum Energy Projects

Combined, the two projects will be able to make a significant contribution to the green transition and in the process of becoming self-sufficient and living up to Herning Municipality’s climate goals.

In total, the two projects will be able to generate over 315,000,000 kWh of green electricity annually, which corresponds to the annual average electricity consumption for 70,000 households of 4,500 kWh.

Herning Municipality expects to have considered and prioritized the received proposals in June 2022, after which the actual planning process for the first projects will begin.

Herning Municipality-solar
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