Momentum Gruppen A/S Mediates Sale of Wind Farm Egeln

Momentum Gruppen A/S mediates Sale of German 25 MW Wind Farm Egeln to major European Investment Company
Egeln Wind Turbines


Alternative Equity Partners A/S, a leading manager of alternative investment funds, has sold the 25-megawatt wind farm Egeln KG (“Egeln”) located in the state of Saxen Anhalt to a major European investor. Momentum Gruppen A/S, who has also operated the wind farm since 2014, has mediated the sale between the parties.

In addition to establishing contact between the parties, Momentum Gruppen’s role has been to contribute to the creation and updating of data room, participation in the preparation of the SPA and coordination of the process between the parties’ advisers. Momentum has also been in dialogue with banks about security and guarantees and has assessed technical issues. Planning and execution of closing and other usual M&A tasks to ensure a smooth transaction between buyer and seller, has also been performed by Momentum.

Alternative Equity Partners invested in Egeln in 2014 with the aim of providing participating investors with a stable cash flow and diversification towards traditional assets such as shares and bonds.

“Egeln has been really good business and has met the investment goals we promised our investors. During our six years of ownership, we have managed to get a reasonable annual return of almost 9% but choose to sell now as we have received a very attractive purchase offer"

Morten Windfeldt, CEO of Alternative Equity Partners A/S

Egeln wind farm consists of 11 Vestas 2MW wind turbines and 1 Vestas 3MW wind turbine with a total output of 25 MW. The wind farm was built in 2005/2006 and has an estimated production level of more than 30 million kWh per year.

In the process, Alternative Equity Partners have considered whether the wind farm should be modernized in a few years or whether a divestment should take place.

“When we received the purchase offer, we chose to eliminate the operational risk, as the German subsidies expire in 2025, after which production will need to be sold on the free market. We are convinced that with the sale we will give the investors in Egeln an added value of the wind farm, which follows from a possible re-powering potential, which we ourselves will have a hard time exploiting "

Morten Windfeldt, CEO of Alternative Equity Partners A/S

And continues:

"We still believe that there is good money in green energy investments and continue to work on other projects. On the other hand, the investment area is a seller's market at the moment, and we are using that now”

Morten Windfeldt, CEO of Alternative Equity Partners A/S
The parties agree not to disclose the sales price.

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About Alternative Equity Partners A/S:

Alternative Equity Partners is a leading manager of alternative investment funds. Our vision is to mediate ‘best-in-class’ investments in attractive alternative assets to selected professional investors. Alternative Equity Partners manage alternative investment funds across asset classes, such as private equity, hedge funds, real estate, construction finance, renewable energy, and technology. We often collaborate with external specialists in connection with the launch of new investment funds, and examples of these are: Real Estate / Building Financing (Bloch Ejendomsadministration), Renewable Energy (Momentum Gruppen) and Technology (Promentum Equity Partners). See more at

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About Momentum Gruppen A/S

Momentum Gruppen A/S is a leading Asset Manager within solar and wind energy. The company is part of the Momentum Energy Group A/S group with 50 employees in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. The group manages assets for more than 7 billion DKK.

Momentum Gruppen A/S’s vision is to be the preferred partner within consulting, investing, managing, and developing wind turbine and solar projects in Europe. The company is often involved as an M&A advisor in large and complex transactions across national borders, as has been the case with wind farm Egeln.
In 2020 alone, this transaction is the company’s 5th of its kind towards institutional investors, and it confirms the solid collaboration we have with Alternative Equity Partners A/S on healthy, green investments.

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