The Momentum Group Delivers Record Result for 2019

– defies Corona and grows on all parameters. 



The Momentum group in Roskilde came out in 2019 with a consolidated result in the parent company, Momentum Investments ApS, of 18.8 mDKK after tax against 8.0 mDKK in 2018. The result is the best in the history of the group.

The Momentum group provides services within development, management and sourcing of solar and wind turbine projects.

Per 31/12 2019 the equity was 64.4 mDKK. This is an increase from 52.3 mDKK in 2018. Momentum currently employs 35 employees in Denmark, Sweden and Germany and more are on the way.


“We are very pleased with the development we have seen in recent years and, in particular, in 2019. Our strategic focus on helping our customers generate the highest possible return at the lowest possible risk, by exercising independent and value-adding asset management throughout the total life cycle of the assets is bearing fruit.

At the same time, 2019 has been a year in which we have invested significantly in both development and repowering projects, new employees and knowledge. Simultaneously we have created strong financial results across all our core businesses. We have thus created a good platform for continued growth, which is reflected in this first half year of 2020, where we have seen a growth of customers, tasks and employees despite the Corona crisis."

Kim Madsen, CEO and Owner

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