Vive la France! – New Administration South of Paris

Momentum has taken over the administration of our first project in France.
On August 16th Momentum took over the administration of our first project in France with 18 wind turbines of type Vestas V80-2.0MW in the wind farm of Cormainville. The wind farm is located around 150 km south for Paris and contains in all 30 turbines, which were set up in 2006.

Meeting Our Partners and Project Status

Momentums’ Kristian Månsson, Jeppe Lyngaae and Katharina Zinck paid a visit to the wind farm and the nearby Vestas service station in Sancheville on the 27th of August, where we met with Vestas’ head of service Christophe Godais and the customer manager Delphine Weisgerber. Also present were Momentum’s partner in France H2Air GT and Windpunx, who are taking over the daily contact with Vestas on site about all technical matters and checking if all necessary inspections and local regulations are followed.

Our goal was to get to know our partners at Vestas, get an insight on the status of the wind farm and any open issues, outline the future cooperation and chain of command as well as visit the turbines. Furthermore, we wanted to let our technician Jeppe climb two or three of the turbines to get a firsthand impression of their status.

Creating an Action Plan for the Wind Park

Vestas’ service station is situated no more than 5 minutes away from the wind farm, which gives them the possibility to react fast in case of an incident and turbine stop.

The turbines and park infrastructure are overall in a good condition, but there are clearly issues which have to be addressed in the near future.. The crane pads are in urgent need for grass and bush trimming and the roads have to be stabilized to guarantee access to the turbines in bad weather conditions.

Momentum’s focus for the near future is on the following issues:

  • Visit of all turbines in October.
  • Check up on Vestas service inspections.
  • Find a solution for the rust problem.
  • Take care of park maintenance.

We are excited about the new project and are sure that we together with our partners on site can make a difference for the customer by initiating a meticulous dialogue with Vestas and making sure that the turbines are in good conditions, inspections in place and regulations followed.


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