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Through our partnership with Arcus Infrastructure Partners, we have been nominated for the prestigious “Infrastructure Investor Awards 2022” in the category “Innovator of the Year, Global”.
Infrastructure Investor Awards


In the submission paper, Arcus describes us with these words:

“Momentum Energy Group, an integrated clean energy investment and services platform addressing the urgent need to maintain, upgrade or replace the aging wind fleet in Europe, and a leader in incorporating circular economy project development strategies.”

Arcus Infrastructure Partners
We are extremely proud and grateful for this nomination and see it as a tremendous recognition of the work we do within the green energy sector.

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The Infrastructure Investor Awards are hosted by the international magazine “Infrastructure Investor”. To find out more, go to: https://www.infrastructureinvestor.com

To see the full submission paper by Arcus with a detailed description of Momentum, please read below:

“Large waves of first-generation wind projects across Europe are aging beyond their original design lives. There is an urgent need to maintain, upgrade or replace this aging fleet to support the level of renewable energy in the system and to avoid a substantial capacity gap. Repowering is not always an option and finding a solution to preserve this capacity is critical to the energy transition. This segment remains difficult for institutional investors to unlock at scale and is often overshadowed by large new greenfield projects.

Momentum is a niche renewable platform established to address this ‘end of initial life’ wind segment. The business has an integrated approach to investing, operating, maintaining and developing projects, covering the full lifecycle. As an early mover in the segment, Momentum has developed the in-house expertise to address a full range of older turbine model types and has proven to operate them effectively well beyond their design lives through specialised professional management. 

Their specialist teams form part of a distinct ecosystem, comprising highly skilled technicians from leading/legacy manufacturers (e.g., Vestas, Enercon, NEG Micon, Bonus), who deliver a high level of craftsmanship to operate, service and repair these older models. This ecosystem is unique to Europe and is supported with an active regional spare parts aftermarket. As such Momentum is playing a fundamental role in preventing large waves of turbine parts being sent to landfill, whilst prolonging clean energy generation for the benefit of society.


Moreover, Momentum approaches project development in an unconventional and inspiring way. The team sees a wider spectrum of development possibilities when incorporating circular economy strategies into project design. Momentum recently performed the world’s first repowering/lifetime extension of an offshore wind park in Sweden, which exclusively used refurbished components. This set the team on a different trajectory to adopt a range of unconventional circularity and materials efficiency strategies throughout project design. For example, they will be utilising fully refurbished turbines into a wider set of repowering/lifetime extension cases, particularly where conventional repowering is constrained by permitting restrictions and local objections. 

Furthermore, Momentum salvages all decommissioned turbines for refurbished reuse, rotation and redeployment across its older operating portfolio, whether for capacity upsize or as spare parts, and has repurposed/recycled other decommissioned materials. The team are developing other creative and unconventional solutions to be unveiled in due course.

What truly sets Momentum apart from other renewable platforms is its creative, entrepreneurial and solutions-oriented organisational DNA. This has enabled innovation and a truly unique, integrated and scalable business model. The segment dynamics, distinct business approach, creative management team and segment leading platform formed a clear and compelling long-term thesis and investment case for Arcus. Momentum was the ideal entry point to undertake a growth-oriented, value-add investment strategy within the segment. Arcus completed a majority investment in Momentum during December 2021. The business has since experienced exceptional growth and Arcus looks forward to a long-lasting collaborative partnership with the founder and the Momentum team”.


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