When everything fails — innovate…

As the plans for repowering of Bockstigen fell apart a new business model arose. 


The Original Plan: Traditional Repowering

Momentum planned to build a dozen new wind turbines in the offshore windpark Bockstigen along the coast of Gotland, Sweden, when the message arrived that the power cable between Gotland and mainland Sweden would not be expanded. All the planning fell apart right there and then because it would be too expensive to complete a classic repowering on the site.

A new business model

Instead, a new business model arose – Renewable renewables.
Instead of new wind turbines, Momentum refurbished used turbines and nacelles and placed them on the old towers and foundation.

The result: double the output of the old turbines.

Momentum undertook the complete Lifetime Extension (LTE) from planning, purchasing, refurbishing and installing used gear on the existing site.

Our Learnings Benefit Our Clients

It has been a very educational experience that has opened up for even more possibilities to help Momentum’s clients when their wind turbines are getting closer to the technical end of life.

During the summer our CEO, Kim Madsen was interviewed to the Swedish magazine “Vindkraft” about the process and all the learnings that came out of Bockstigen.

You can read the full article (in Swedish) here (Download PDF)

You can read our case about Bockstigen here


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