When the going gets tough – the tough gets going!

Our technicians on a job in cold Sweden, not far from the Arctic Circle
When the going gets tough – the tough gets going


Our experienced technicians, Tim and Steen, drove 1.100 km to reach the city of Bydalen. Because the city is located in northern Sweden, the journey took 17 hours. Along with them, they brought a trailer.

The trip was made in order to replace three blade wires on a wind turbine owned by one of our good customers.
Bydalen is by the way also a well-known ski resort.

The turbine is situated on the top of a mountain and was originally erected with the help of helicopters, as access to the turbine was and is very difficult (= almost impossible during wintertime!)
The trailer, including equipment (a SkyLifter), was connected to a tractor, and pulled up the mountain to the turbine, because there is no normal road to the site.

You simply cannot get normal access to the rotor blades without this special lift. Steen furthermore was transported to the turbine on a snow scooter.

The sky climber was mounted, and the job started. The 3 wires were fixed during the following two days.


After packing all the gear down again, 17 hours’ drive back to Denmark was waiting. Well back again they could smile of a successful repair, a happy customer and some exciting ”days at the office”.

Northern Lights Aurora Borealis

In the evening the team were lucky to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).


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