When the storm hits

When the storm hits, Momentum’s wind turbine technicians work around the clock


When the storm named Malik hit northwest of Jutland on the afternoon of January 29 this year, our Technical Management team had already been preparing for several days. Senior Technical Manager René Frydendal says: “When meteorologist warns of storm or hurricane, we pay attention right away. Staffing plans are geared up and technicians are called in for possible around the clock shifts. Malik was no exception – we prepared for worst-case scenario.”

The storm raged throughout the rest of the day and all night long too, and Momentum technicians were working at high speed to monitor the turbines through our online monitoring systems. They kept a close eye on each turbine, supervising their individual status. By 2:30 a.m., the team had received many reports of high winds and technical incidents. Some turbines reported faults, but fortunately most of these were activated by automatic turbine stop caused by the strong wind.

Production and turbine stop automatically occurs when wind speed reaches 20-25 m/sec (depending on the specific type of turbine). Most of our customers’ wind turbines got through the Malik storm without much damage.

René Frydendal continues: “When working with service and maintenance of wind turbines, it is essential to always be at the forefront of replacing wear parts. Of similar importance is the quality of the spare parts that are used. Moreover, all our technicians are handpicked for the task and take great pride in doing a good job.”

It is through the combination of good preparation, ongoing maintenance as well as deep technical expertise and know-how that we ensure that our customers’ assets perform well through storms and other violent incidents.

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