Wind Turbine Inspection in Germany

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Here is an example where one of our technical teams from Momentum Germany and a team from a partner company were on the road in East Germany to inspect two wind farms.

Due to the Corona crisis, there were some challenges to be met in order not to violate any of the government measures. But we found that the processes we have set in place worked perfectly.

As part of the inspection, the whole motor and rotor blades were examined in Lüdersdorf (Vestas V-90) to determine the general condition of the wind turbine – under very good weather conditions.

After that, the annual safety checks had to be carried out in Schrepkow (10 x NM-52) – here we uncovered a newly developed oil leak on one of the wind turbines. The inspection helped avoid potentially large damages, and the service company was contacted to check and solve the problem urgently.

The collaboration of everyone worked very well – we are ready for the next challenges!

Even in times of crisis, we are always ready to take care of our customers’ investments in the best possible way.

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