Working in the Heights – with Lights!

In Germany, by the end of 2023 it is a requirement that every turbine with a height above 100 meters shall be visible for approaching air traffic. To meet this requirement our service technicians are now giving their helping hands to our customers.


So, if you are the owner of a wind turbine in Germany higher than 100 meters: Are your lights on?

If not, no need to panic (yet)!

Not only are Momentums special trained technicians mounting the aviation light components on top of the nacelle.

They are also completing the installation inside the tower connecting cables and other accessories, as well as servicing the installation afterwards so that the owners’ assets conform to the legislation.

As soon as the system is working properly our experts leave the turbine and the customer with a smile.

For further information about aviation lights on wind turbines (BNK), please contact:

Momentum Energy Services GmbH

Marco Müller, Senior Sales Manager

Asset Management

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