Operational Management

Operational management covers all day to day business as contract management, insurance claims, contact to landowners and authorities.


Asset Life Cycle Management

The main objective for the work of the Operational Management department is to optimise the asset’s life cycle through all its phases.

When taking over an asset we prepare a memorandum of the asset’s project structure, the contractual relationships, the history and the future economic expectations.

Moreover, it includes a road map of how to optimise on the various areas. This is a great way to identify pitfalls and potential for optimization and serves as a guide for the future work.

Contract Management

Any green energy project has a variety of important supplier contracts; e.g. O&M and insurance.

We make sure that the supplier fulfil its obligations and we recommend alternatives when a change of supplier is possible and needed.


On a monthly frequency we prepare reports on the operation of the asset providing the asset owner with a production summary focusing on production, availability, deviations and explanations.

Power Sale

We add value through our thorough experience in educating and advising asset owners regarding power sale strategies.

Moreover, we execute the strategy based on the investment target combined with the specific country’s subsidy scheme and market opportunities (PPA, hedging, spot, etc.).

Management of Suppliers

Momentum has a substantial international network of suppliers in all links of the value chain of a green energy project. We negotiate, we challenge, we cooperate and we find brillant solutions for our customers.

Guarantees and Insurance Claims

We conduct timely handling of guarantee and warranty terms of notices to ensure the identification of any claims. In relation to any insurance claims from break-downs we control and follow the process from the incident to the payout of compensation.
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Momentum - Operational Management-Asset-Management-of-Solar

Surveillance 24/7/365

We offer 24/7/365 surveillance of our customer’s assets, in order to locate and react to alarms and operational stops as soon as possible.

We categorize errors and stoppage time in order to be able to claim compensation if possible.

Data Control and Analysis

Data from turbines are instrumental to locate potential for optimisation.

We analyse the power curve and the alarm log and keep a close eye to the data quality.

Documentation Handling

We structure and check the project documentation making sure that all documents are at hand and in the right version.

We store it electronically in a Microsoft Sharepoint solution with a logic and clever structure that is easily accessible for the owners.

Wind Production Control Assessment

We have our own wind site assessment software and can perform control calculations of the expected production; impact calculations from new turbines in the area or calculations of the potential if repowering is feasible.

Stakeholder Contact

We gladly represent the asset owner towards the various project stakeholders like authorities, suppliers, land owners and the public.

Trouble Shooting

A green energy project encounter a lot of different challenges and obstacles in its life time. We strive by finding the right solutions for the asset owners and through our strong experience, various backgrounds and multi-faceted skills we are a very strong partner.


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