Private Investors

Momentum specializes in managing wind turbines and solar plants for private investors.
We manage more than 300 companies owned by private investors, owned by more than 1500 individual investors for whom, the investment in a solar plant – or a wind turbine often is their biggest and most important investment.


We are Experts at Servicing Private Investors

We know all the ownership structures and are used to working across national borders with local tax specialists, O&M providers, landowners, banks, authorities etc.

We are used to manage many investors and many different interests and assumptions among investors in a project.

In fact Momentum is built up by servicing “the private” investor, and we take great pride in managing and optimizing the individual investors return so that you are completely safe.

We have respect for the importance of the investment for the individual owner’s finances, and we take all the owners deeply serious regardless off investment size.

How We Work

Apart from the Head of Operations, Momentum connects two key account managers to every project.

One from Finance, taking care of all he bookkeeping, accounting, cashflow, VAT & Tax, controlling, budget, contact to banks, authorities etc.., and one from Operations taking care of all contracts, insurance issues, land owners, repairs.

You will get direct access to Momentum’s staff and the people working with your project.

We have a very flat organisation and the senior management is easy to access and are involved and updated about your project on a detailed level.

We highly prioritize the personal contact with you, and we have a straightforward way to communicate. We say things as we see them and we inform you immediately about good as well as bad news.

We always bring alternative solutions to problems that may arise, and we do not give up before they are solved.

Momentum always finds a solution.

What is Important to You?

We are an Asset Manager that takes care of your investment, as if it was our own. We act as a partner, who works on your project every day to optimise your yield and make sure, that your asset always is in full operation, producing as much as it can, and if not, getting it back in full operation as soon as possible.

We strive to communicate quickly and in an easy to understand language, and proactively give you input on how to improve your return or reduce your risk.

We believe in a transparent partnership and you will have easy access to all information and documentation at all times.

Our Experience

Momentums staff has worked with asset management of solar and wind parks for two decades. We are among the most experienced asset managers within green energy in Denmark, which means, that we probably are among the most experienced in the world within this field.

Our DNA is to manage assets for owners, and over time, we have developed and sophisticated our services to cover all aspects of a wind- or solar project from the very spare idea, to development, construction, operation and dismantling.

For you this means, that you only have to deal with Momentum to release the full potential of your project.


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