Tax Management

Our tax advisory and management aim at organising company and contractual setups, that prevents adverse tax and VAT costs. Based on our knowledge and network, we assist in succession planning and management of both local and international tax.



Our company structure advisory takes local and international tax, transparency, governance, reporting requirements and costs into account.

We evaluate existing structures and gives advise on new engagements to facilitate the most efficient long-term setup.

Income Statement

We use our in-house competencies and cooperation with acknowledged local and international tax advisors to prepare timely, correct and optimized tax declarations and help communicating implications of the tax reports.

We also facilitate solutions of tax cases to minimize adverse tax adjustments.


Tax Optimization

Tax is often a concern in succession planing. Momentum has structured a number of portfolios of green energy assets, that were used for passing on activities to the next generation, taking tax planing into account.

For international investments, both via transparent and incorporated companies, knowledge and experience with tax treaties is critical. We know the issues and has the knowledge and the network to handle risks up front.


VAT should not be a cash or cost burden. But if contractual setup and local registrations are not prepared correctly, unexpected costs and discussions might occur.

Our clients benefit from our experience with optimising the setup and ensuring timely and optimal VAT refunds.


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