Technical Management

Our technical management team challenges the service company to secure high availability and quality. We monitor the operation with diligence and we troubleshoot with experience and creativity.


Monitoring Service

We monitor the assets and react to alarms and stoppages. We instigate the fault localisation and secure the right solution based on cost- and time-efficiency.

Technical Advice

Our experienced technical team has an impressive track-record of advising asset owners on areas like main component repairs; life time extension; optimization.

We analyse every case individually and present the owner for a thorough basis for decision.

Inspection of Turbines

We perform inspections of wind turbines with various perspectives: follow-up on service company; change of ownership and end of warranty.

We provide a thorough report that can be used as documentation towards the other party.

Supervision of Service Companies

Between the inspections we keep a close dialogue with the service companies in order to minimise downtime and avoid unnecessary stoppage.

Through our recurring follow-up inspections we experience an improvement of the quality from the service company.


Planning Major Repairs

In case of a break-down of a main component our technical managers use their extensive network and long experience in finding and ordering the right solution at the best possible price.

We source spareparts and can also do the inspection of spareparts and main components.

Damage & Insurance Claims Handling

We support the service company in documenting the case and present it to the insurance company accompanied by the rights arguments for coverage.

We calculate the loss of production and follow the case until payout of compensation. We manage the proces from a-z.

Compliance With Legislation

Any green energy project is subject to the country’s general legislation and its building permission.

Momentum makes sure that the asset is complying with this often complex set of rules, restrictions and obligations.

End of Warranty

It is imperative to manage the end of warranty process with due care. We monitor the deadlines and take care of the process from sourcing inspection companies, to placing the order and follow-up on the report in relation to the service company.

The process is similar for end of full-service contracts.


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