Monitoring ensures fast Action and maximum Uptime

For one of our existing customers for whom we provide technical support, several indications of alarming wear and tear in a wind turbine’s main gear was observed.

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Ongoing Inspections of Wind Turbines create long-term Value

When we carry out inspections, all deviations that can create challenges and downtime are identified and analyzed. For example, oil leaks in the vital parts of older wind turbines can be fatal to the lifetime.

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Bockstigen Offshore Repowering

Bockstigen is an offshore wind park situated in Bockstigen in Gotland, Sweden. We repowered five 20 year old turbines with 5 refurbished Vestas V47 (blades and nacelles). The result is a technical lifetime extension of the wind park by at least 15 years.

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Solar Park Flusi

We conducted a total turnaround and repowering of Solar Park Flusi – a 2,265 MW PV plant near Oldenburg, Germany. When we took over, the project was a heavily distressed solar project totally out of function.

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Solar Energy Companies I – VI

Assisting 400 Danish owners of 6 Danish companies (AIF’s), owning 18 financially distressed solar parks in Italy with taking over the management of the companies from the former asset manager who went bankrupt.

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Green Power Partners

Successful takeover of management of 88 wind turbines in 19 parks along the west coast of Denmark for two Danish pension funds (PBU and AP Pension) about management of their investment.

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Windpark Egeln

Preparation and sale of 25 MW wind park near Magdeburg in Germany on behalf of Finansiel Stabilitet A/S (a Danish state-owned bank) to a group of Danish investors

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Availon 20 year full service maintenance contract

In the shadow of the financial crisis in the late 00’s, we experienced an increase in demand for stability from many customers. As a result, Momentum had an instrumental role in inventing the 20 year full service maintenance contract for wind turbines together with Availon in Reine in Germany

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