What We Do

We create “momentum” in any phase of a solar plant or wind turbines lifetime, by working hard on improving the assets yield and by giving the projects progress, force and direction in any positive meaning. We secure the Investor maximum attention on his assets at any time during his investment.


Our Services

Momentum covers the full value chain in a solar or wind project's lifetime.
Spanning from the idea to build until the end of the asset's technical and economic life.
We create “momentum” in any phase of a solar plant or wind turbines lifetime, by improving the asset’s yield and by giving the project progress, force and direction in any positive meaning. We secure maximum attention on our Investors’ assets at any time during the investments lifetime.

Creating Momentum

We have extensive experience within management of windturbines (since 2000) and solar plants (since 2010). Our team consists of very experienced financial-, legal-, tax- and technical experts.

Best Practices

With almost 20 years experience Momentum are among the pioneers within asset management of solar plants and wind turbines. We have in depth experience with “how to do things” correct from the beginning. 

We educate our team to be proactive and value creating for our customers – in fact it’s an important part of our DNA, as we otherwise have no future as Asset Managers. 

We implement best practices in all our processes, as part of optimising our client’s yield on their assets and to develop a profitable business for Momentum as well.

Always Prepared

We always try to be prepared for any change that can arise. We have a constant focus on the market, new trends, changes in legislation, etc. – anything that can influence our customers investment in a positive or negative manner.

We always inform our customers as we see it – good as well as bad news – and we provide solutions and alternatives when possible well ahead before problems arise.

Present across Europe

For illustrative purposes. The positions are estimates.

Customer Preferences

We have clear policies and procedures and thereby we have a clear idea of how to fulfill and adapt to our customer’s needs and preferences.

We listen to our clients and we implement procedures that secure that we live up to their needs. It’s not difficult to us, it’s normal, it’s fair and we know it creates value for the client.

Local Knowledge

People on the ground are essential to perform proper and effective asset management in a country.

We have our own people and solid local partners on the ground in the countries we operate in. We are close to the assets, and we know the local legislations, possibilities and limitations


Customers Come First - Always!

As a professional Asset Manager we represent the customer and only the customer.

It is our sole responsibility to create value for our clients by managing their assets as if they were our own.

We don’t mix our own interests with our clients’. We procure, advice, construct, manage and exit for and with our clients.

Independency is our Strategy

Having an independent Asset Manager means that you have a manager who works 100% for you, and has no other interest than optimising your assets. Not his own, not others – only yours.

We are in the Business of Trust

We believe, that trust is the most important description of a good Asset Manager.

Being an independent manager means that you can trust, that we work for you and have no binding partnerships where we are bound to use a certain service provider in any case.

We simply always work on getting the best offer on the table, securing the best quality and price for the client. In this connection independency is a key word to us, as we defer from other Asset Managers by not being a developer in its traditional meaning.

We only develop together with or for an investor, so we have always only one cap on – the investor’s!


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