Asset Life Extension

Asset life extension is getting increasingly relevant, as more assets approach 20 years or more in service. We have the expertise to help you.


When assets are getting closer to end of technical lifetime, there are many things to consider. Decommissioning, repowering, extending the assets technical life time with technological improvements, or simply do nothing until its technical life runs out.

Maintenance Plan

It is important to have a maintenance plan when the full-service agreement expires or is no longer possible to extend.

A maintenance plan ensures, that money is spent wisely, and no repair or spare part exchange is performed before necessary.

We have extensive knowledge of running technical used assets, to make them perform as long and economical as possible.

Flexible Service Concept

Flexible solutions and extensive monitoring of the assets, is of great importance when extending the assets life time.

Momentum acts as an intermediary between the owners and the service- and spare part providers to ensure, that no money is spent apart from what is necessary.

Technical Life Extension

As many turbines are approaching the 20th year in service, and in some countries no longer receives subsidies, owners are looking for alternatives looking for alternatives on how to continue operations or decommissioning the asset. Momentum was among the first in the world to perform a substantial technical lifetime extension on an offshore farm in Gotland in Sweden, and we are daily working on a portfolio of more than 80 wind turbines, extending life time of the assets by intensive monitoring and in-depth analysis of any damage that arises

Extension of Permit

In some countries the permission to operate needs to be extended after 20 years (e.g. in Germany). Our team has already successfully performed two of these and more are underway. We will manage the process from a-z


Sparepart Pools

We add value by combining access to the large asset portfolio we have under management with our network, to establish spare part pools, which our customers can benefit from.

Power Sale Strategy

We add value through our thorough experience in educating and advising asset owners regarding power sale strategies.

Moreover, we execute the strategy based on the investment target combined with the specific country’s subsidy scheme and market opportunities (PPA, hedging, spot etc.)

Business Case

Momentum is capable of providing data and information, to enable the client to take a decision on a fully enlightened background.

This includes long term budgets and detailed descriptions of the risks and opportunities.

Suppliers & Solution Network

Extensive experience from 20 years in the business, enables Momentum to find spareparts, suppliers and the right solutions, when considering technical lifetime extension of a project.

Contract Management

To be able to extend the technical lifetime successfully, it must be ensured that the land lease contracts are still valid.
If not, negotiations with the landowners must take place and a new agreement signed.

We can handle the whole process from negotiations of terms to preparation of land lease contracts.

Momentum-Asset-Life-Extension-of wind-and-solar

Let us together figure out how to best extend the life of your assets.


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