Construction Phase

As an asset manager we get closer to the processes than anybody else. We provide you with insights regarding the specific markets, legislation, regulation, subsidy schemes, power sale, etc. The earlier we can be involved in a project, the more value we can create.

Many mistakes can be avoided by closely monitoring of all processes during the whole construction phase. Time wasted is money lost. We can act as your independent project manager during the construction phase.”

Commissioning & follow on delivery

Momentum is your prolonged arm in the hand over phase, providing a close monitoring of the delivery, production start and data analysis in the test period just after commissioning. We control that you receive what you have paid for.

Contract management

Any green energy project has a variety of important supplier contracts; e.g. O&M and insurance. We make sure that the supplier fulfils its obligations and we recommend alternatives when a change of supplier is possible and needed.

Grid Connection

Momentum ensures as a part of the construction, that grid connection is prepared and in place on time and at the agreed conditions.

Project Management

We supervise and manage the project and its many contributors and report to the owner on a regular basis, and we control all cost and agreed delivery dates.

Site inspection

Momentum is physically on site doing regular inspections and we are in direct contact with the construction company (EPC contractor) and its employees on the ground

Best Practice

We insure, that all construction work is performed according to best practices in an economical optimal manner and under consideration of HSE.

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