When repowering or decommissioning wind turbines or solar panels, dismantling, reuse or destruction of the assets is a complexe and enviromentally sensitive process.
Momentum has hands on experience from both dismantling of wind turbines and solar panels.


HSE Management

An essential part of the decommissioning phase is to ensure HSE compliance. We follow best practice for Health, Safety & Environment Management (HSE) as the safety of our employees and business partners and protection of the environment are of ultimate importance to us.

Project Management

We supervise and manage the project and its many contributors and report to the owner on a regular basis, and we control all cost and agreed delivery dates.

Supervision on Site

Momentum is physically on site doing regular inspections and we are in direct contact with the construction company and it’s employees on the ground.

Contact to Authorities

There are many stakeholders to consider: authorities, land owners and suppliers etc. and they all have different objectives. We use our experience and intercultural skills to communicate and negotiate with all involved parties to reach a satisfying result.

Environmental Issues

We are responsible for obtaining all environmental studies, preparation of environmental report or other necessary reports during the planning phase.

Sourcing & Controlling of Offers From Suppliers

Decommissioning of solar- and wind projects is a complex proces that requires specialists. There are many processes to consider to ensure that the project is executed properly and according to strict environmental laws.

Momentum knows who to contact to get the best offers for the investor



Dismantling of wind turbines and solar panels can be very risky, and special equipment such as large cranes is needed. A special insurance is necessary for this, and preparation and dialogue with the insurance company is of great importance to be covered correct.

Contact to Marine Surveyors

Momentum has experience with dismantling of wind turbines off shore, and has good contact to recognized Marine Surveyors, to be sure, that all procedures and equipment involved are correct to get tfull insurance coverage if an accidents should arise.
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