Repowering brings new life to technical outdated projects. We have solid experience in all phases of a successful repowering project – both within solar and wind. The advantages of repowering are numerous, but most likely the owners increase output and yield substantially, and at the same time prolong the Investment with many years


Feasibility study

A feasibility study of the area in question is the first step when considering doing af repowering project.

We analyse the current legal, public, environmental, and ownership structure and combine them with the potential of a new park layout.

The result is a comprehensive report which serves as the basis for decision.

Co-Operation Concepts

Based on the customer’s wishes and demands in terms of his appetite for risk; investment and co-determination, we have a variety of cooperation models to choose from.

Risk Assessment

Combined with the feasibility study we assess the risk in both the phase of developing the project as well as the phase of operation.

Business Case

Based on the outputs from the feasibility study and our experience we construct the potential business case for the realisation of the repowering project.

Advise regarding choice of project development partner

Often it can be necessary to engage in a partnership with a local project developer to assist the project with local knowledge and network. Working with Momentum the customer will have the opportunity to choose from a group of different players of high quality. Momentum is independent and will advise for the best partner for the specific location.

Securing of land

Securing the land is an essential precondition for the new project. We have experience in identifying, contacting and negotiating with the land owners and with a set of different land lease models we have a high succes rate in this discipline.


When the time is right, Momentum will make use of its international networks of financial institutes to secure the best possible package of financing for realising the repowering project.

Project Planning & Management

We supervise and manage the project and its many contributors and report to the owner on a regular basis.

Stakeholder Contact

There are many stakeholders to consider: authorities, land owners and suppliers etc. and they all have different objectives.

We use our experience and intercultural skills to communicate and negotiate with all involved parties to reach a satisfying result.

Building Permit

Together with our project development partner we take care of the building permit application, and all the processes involved in getting it.


Momentum has a strong connection to reputable insurance companies to obtain the most attractive insurance offer and coverage.

HSE Management

We follow best practices for Health, Safety & Environment Management (HSE) as the safety of our employees and business partners and protection of the environment are of ultimate importance to us.

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