Sale & Sourcing of Projects

An important part of our business foundation is identifying and delivering potential projects to our clients, or helping them sell their own projects. We have an extensive, international, database of potential buyers or sellers and we can assist with transactions from minor shares in projects to large solar plants or wind farms. Whether you are on the buying or selling side, we have many years of experience in carrying out transactions in “all” sizes.”

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Project Identification

Momentum has a comprehensive network of developers and partners in the main markets in Europe, and we have access to a pipeline of projects in all stages.

We thus have access to projects at the green field stage, which is in the middle of a building application process, has obtained a building permit (“ready to build”), turnkey projects and ongoing projects, with few or several years of production history.

Investor Identification

In its well-established network in the energy industry, Momentum has an ongoing dialogue with potenteille capital-strong buyers or owners of solar and wind turbine projects around Europe.

Over the years, we have communicated and advised on projects worth EUR 100 million, primarily in Northern Europe.

Preliminary due diligence

Whether you are on the buyer or sell side, Momentum always carries out a preliminary due diligence. This includes a thorough screening of all legal, technical, economic and tax matters, but with the aim of creating as complete transparency as possible as early as possible.

We operate throughout the transaction phase as the intermediary between buyer, seller, banks and other stakeholders, to create a good transaction for all parties. It requires great insight and often great persistence.

Sales & Purchase Agreements

With many years of experience as an intermediary of solar and wind projects, along with our in-house legal competences, we are experts in preparing or reviewing purchase and sales agreements.

Project Description

An important part of a transaction is a precise presentation of the assumptions and risks in the business case. We go into all aspects in depth to make sure that decisions are made as informed as possible.


An essential part of a successful transaction is negotiating the right price on the right terms. We participate on our customer’s side in achieving the best possible result. As the transactions often cross national borders, language and country knowledge, traditions and knowledge of local law are essential to success. Momentum is one of Denmark’s most experienced in this field, especially in Northern Europe.

Project Optimization

Whether we handle the interests of the buyer or seller, we always go through the projects thoroughly to uncover any untapped potentials. Be it repowering potential, better electricity prices, reduction of costs, optimisation of the turbines operation, refinancing etc. We know the market and we know what options are available for optimising solar plants and wind turbines. We do this daily and it is a natural part of our services.

Financial Models

Momentum has solid financial models to predict returns on solar or wind turbine projects and thus value them. We can, of course, only predict the weather, not dispense with it, but based on experience from a large number of completed transactions and projects over the years, we have developed relatively precise models for valuations of projects.
There are many parameters to keep track of – and we track them all!


Creating true-to-life presentations that do not aim to draw an exaggerated picture of a project’s possibilities is one of our core competencies. We honestly, factually and reliably communicate the project information that is available to a buyer or seller in an easily understandable and presentable format. Prior to this, extensive analysis ensures that the material we present is comprehensive and precise, and in accordance with the high standards we ask of ourselves, to be a credible partner.

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