Who We Are

Momentum Gruppen A/S (Momentum) is a market leading, full scope Asset Manager covering all aspects of solar- and wind projects during the entire value chain from “cradle to grave”.


Momentum Gruppen A/S was founded in 2005 by CEO, Kim Madsen and is owned by Kim Madsen (96%) and the board of directors, directors and employees (4 %).

The head quarter is in Roskilde in Denmark and Momentum has “staff on the ground” in Århus (DK), Gothenburg (SE), Visby (Gotland, SE) and in Hamburg (DE).


We have strong management and consulting skills, and we are able to assist our customers in any part of the value chain, and each phase of the asset’s technical- and economical lifetime: Planning, Construction, Operational, Asset Life Extension, Repowering, Decommissioning and Sales & Sourcing of Projects.

We operate ground and roof-based PV plants as well as offshore and onshore wind parks.

Founder of Momentum Gruppen A/S

CEO, Founder and majority owner of Momentum Gruppen A/S, Kim Madsen, is born 1963.

He holds a diploma in commerce and other relevant legal education.
Kim Madsen is an accountant by education and has worked in Revisor Centret (now Ernst & Young) for 5 years.

Later, he worked 17 years in the law firm Stakemann where he became CEO during the last 7 years of his position, until he left his position In 2005 to start Momentum.

Throughout his career, Kim Madsen has functioned as a professional advisor and Asset Manager. Since year 2000 within solar- and wind power, and on this background he formed Momentum Gruppen A/S in 2005.



The company was formed in 2005 by Kim Madsen with the purpose of building an independent asset management company within the wind energy industry.

During the financial crisis in the late 00’s, the company grew substantially due to more focus on cost savings and optimisation of the owners’ assets in general.

As a natural development, management of solar plants was added to the portfolio of services, and due to increasing demand from investors.

Today, Momentum Gruppen A/S is a market leading, full scope Asset Manager covering all aspects of asset management of solar – and wind projects during the entire value chain from “craddle to grave”.


Our commitment is to create a better world. Momentum continuously monitors and improves its sustainability factors along with its corporate behavior. It focuses heavily on climate change mitigation, healthy employee management, values communication with suppliers and building concrete corporate policies. The core business of Momentum is delivering clean energy solutions, thereby increasing sustainability in the world.

UNs Sustainable Development Goals

Momentum is heavily inspired by and pledges that its activities make an impact in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations (UN) Agenda 2030.

This list of 17 goals and their sub-targets are a call for action to improve the world by intervening in multiple areas like poverty, social justice, environmental protection, and people’s prosperity. 

Below are listed the SDGs where Momentum feels more relevant and competent to contribute to this global initiative. Some of the contribution is interconnected with the nature of its business but most of it comes from the environmental and social sensitivity that it the company is characterized by:


Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

As the core business, Momentum is managing its own and its customers’ renewable energy assets making the most out of their production potential while also developing new green energy projects to increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.

Momentum uses participative economical models that benefit the local community and add value to the local economy while following fully transparent development practices.


Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Momentum is committed to ensuring that diversity in gender, age, culture and ethnicity is considered when employing personnel. Being fully socially inclusive, giving opportunities to all people and seeing internships for graduates as an essential part of developing a healthy society.

Momentum prioritizes health and safety of its employees above all else and is committed to ensuring these values in the environments or processes for all employees, regardless of their job type, location and daily tasks.

In no way it accepts child or forced labour for itself or for its suppliers.

It tries to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation by promoting renewable energy.


Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Momentum is committing to develop quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient green energy infrastructure, to support economic development and human well-being and with a focus on adding value to the local communities through participative economical models.

Its usage of refurbished turbines and project impact restorative actions, enhance the environmentally friendly and innovative character of the project development team.

With professional management and dedicated maintenance, the resilience and technical life of renewable energy plants are extended in cases where possible.


Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Momentum is willing to incorporate in its project development, educational campaigns on sustainable energy development and lifestyle on a local level. More specifically on better consumer behavior, lowering household CO2 emissions and reduced climate misinformation in schools or workplaces.

Momentum is aware of the amount of waste generated at a project site or during operation and is committed to minimizing it by enhancing the tracking system and exploring recycling opportunities. Also, it is promoting the concept of circular economy by using second-hand turbines and refurbishing worn parts that otherwise would increase the waste levels of the industry.


Goal 13: Climate Action

Momentum’s core activity is to provide clean energy solutions which is line with the climate change mitigation actions. In parallel, it is raising awareness for the importance of developing decentralized renewable energy and securing electricity supply through clean practices, public hearings and community involvement.

Momentum is committed to making a positive climate action impact and expanding it by adopting the ESG culture’s environmental dimension.

Renewable energy infrastructure is designed to withstand extreme climate conditions and if more extreme conditions are anticipated, Momentum can incorporate a more dedicated procurement strategy for an improved supplier screening process and fulfilling of all the purchase criteria.

ESG Objectives 2022

Corporate HQ

  1. Improve institutional governance framework, procedures and process
  2. Set up initiatives-led ESG culture and internal ESG steering committee
  3. Set up ESG reporting, including mandatory SFDR reporting
  4. Adopting specific SDGs and corresponding KPIs to ensure progress towards SDGs
  5. Review and refresh internal corporate policies
  6. Set up corporate GHG footprint reduction plan (measurement, strategies and execution)
  7. Sustainable corporate/office practices
  8. Ensure principles of diversity, equality and inclusion for recruitment practices

Project Development

  1. Establish development framework to minimize local environmental impact, improve local stakeholder engagement/consultations, and compliance
  2. Develop projects with circular economy strategies in mind
  3. Assessment of suppliers and supply chain to improve ESG-oriented procurement

Field Operations

  1. Field operations compliance and certifications
  2. Improvement to health and safety policies and practices
  3. Incorporate circular economy strategies into maintenance and spare parts inventory (re-use old parts from decommissioned turbines, refurbished components)


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